Maro’s Bloomburrow Teaser

Before previews for Bloomburrow officially begin, I thought it would be fun to do another of my Duelist-style teasers where I give tiny hints of things to come. Note that I’m only giving you partial information.

First up, here are some things you can expect:

• A new mechanic which is a tweak on a mechanic from 2013

• “Destroy target creature” (a spell with only this rules text) gets a new mana cost

• A cycle of uncommon lands that each reference four creature types

• Counters in the set: +1/+1, blight, coin, finality, flood, flying, indestructible, loyalty, stash, stun, and supply

• A noncreature subtype makes its first return

• A ten-card cycle that acts as typal glue

• Two mechanics that came out in the same set return each part of a different two-color archetype

• The word “Squirrels” shows up four times in rules text

• A mythic cycle with a new symbol

• One of the cutest mechanics we’ve ever made

Next, here are some rules text that will be showing up on cards:

• “Create X tokens that are copies of target token you control.”

• “If you control a Raccoon, you may discard a card.”

• “Creatures your opponents control have base toughness 1.”

• “Whenever one or more other creatures you control leave the battlefield without dying,”

• “if it’s the first instant spell, the first sorcery spell, or the first Otter spell”

• “put a flood counter on target land.”

• “where X is the number of creatures you opponents controlled that were exiled this turn.”

• “for each other Squirrel and/or Food you control.”

• “As long as there are four or more card types among cards exiled with CARDNAME,”

• “up to one target artifact, creature, or planeswalker an opponent controls loses all abilities until your next turn.”

Here are some creature type lines from the set:

• Creature – Hamster Citizen

• Creature – Frog Advisor

• Creature – Skunk Assassin

• Creature – Raccoon Berserker

• Creature – Squirrel Warlock Bard

• Creature – Rabbit Mouse

• Legendary Creature – Badger Warrior

• Legendary Creature – Weasel Mercenary

• Legendary Creature – Elemental Elk

• Legendary Creature – Bird Dragon

Finally, here are some names in the set:

• Crumb and Get It

• Festivals of Embers

• Hop to It

• Kitnap

• Playful Shove

• Polliwallop

• Rabid Gnaw

• Shrike Force

• War Squeak

• Wishing Well

Tune-in to our official YouTube and Twitch channels ( and) at 9:00 am PT on Tuesday, July 9 as Bloomburrow previews begin.

  • AndrewMA
    17 days ago

    The destroy target creature one is interesting. My regex isn’t good enough to get this in one nice query but it looks like there are 3 cards that have just this rules text:

    • Eviscerate - 3B
    • Impale - 2BB
    • Murder - 1BB

    If it’s a black card I can’t imagine they go BB on it, but maybe BBB for some kind of lore reason. Maybe it’s 4B for limited?

    My other thought is that it’s in a new color or color combo. Maybe a new 1BW murder?

  • morphballganon
    17 days ago

    • A cycle of uncommon lands that each reference four creature types

    Sounds like something that was revealed the other day

    17 days ago

    Magic R&D coming out of hibernation to convince me to play this set. I’ve straight up not cared about anything else from the past few years.